celebrity welders

Celebrity Welders

celebrity welders

Many of you Tulsa Welding School students know that welding is cool but star worthy? Yes. Here’s a brief list of a few celebrities who has a background in welding in one fashion or another. We can’t promise you’ll become rich and famous like they are but you can at least know that you’re in good company with these celebrity welders.

Actor, Sean Bean

If you’ve been binge watching Game of Thrones or enjoyed The Lord of the Rings trilogy, you know the name Sean Bean. Not academically inclined, Bean left school at 16 and bounced around from job to job until he started working at his father’s company as a welder until the acting bug bit him.

Actor, Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion appears on the television show Castle and the short-lived cult hit, Firefly. He once proclaimed on the Conan O’Brien Show that he has no formal training but welding is his hobby. How do you think he’d do on Welder Crush Wednesday? Probably not as well as the cool stuff TWS Welding students do.

Comedian/Actor, Billy Connolly

This comedian turned actor was seen in the 2014 blockbuster, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. In the 1960s he became an apprentice welder in the shipyards in Glasgow, Scotland. While he only stuck with welding for a few years, Connolly credits it for helping to become a man. He left welding to become a folk singer before becoming a comic and an actor.

Country Music Singer, Aaron Tippin

Before he became a successful country singer, Aaron Tippin had a couple of jobs. At age 20, he was a corporate pilot in Greenville, SC before moving to Nashville, TN to become a welder. He eventually won a contest and perfected his craft at honky tonks before his song, You’ve Got to Stand for Something became a hit in 1991.

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Even though these four eventually found other careers, welding is an important profession and plays a role in our everyday lives – although most of us don’t think about it. From ships to cars, infrastructure to aerospace, we couldn’t live as a modern society without welding.