Weld-to-Win Full Tuition to TWS

TWS awarded $245,000 in scholarships and prizes during last year’s competition.

High School Senior Welding Competition

If you’re planning on a career fusing metal, the High School Senior Welding Competition is a great way to showcase your skills and win tuition scholarships to Tulsa Welding School.

The grand prize is a full-tuition scholarship to TWS. Top runner-ups win partial-tuition scholarships. All participants take home $500 scholarships to TWS. The school also gives out welding-related prizes.

What Is It?

A welding competition for high school seniors who have completed a class in welding at a vocational school or in high school. A full tuition scholarship to TWS is the grand prize. Partial tuition scholarships are awarded to the top runners-up. A $500 tuition scholarship to TWS is awarded to everyone who participates.

When Is It?

The Weld-to-Win Competition dates vary by Tulsa Welding School campus.

TWS Campus Competition Date
Jacksonville, FL February 29, 2020
Houston, TX April 25, 2020
Tulsa, OK April 18, 2020

Who Can Apply?

High school seniors who have taken a welding class in high school or at a trade school.

How to Apply?

Register online by the specific TWS campus’ deadline.

TWS Campus Registration Deadline Where to Register
Jacksonville, FL January 29, 2020 Register Here
Houston, TX March 25, 2020 Register Here
Tulsa, OK March 27, 2020 Register Here

Have Questions? We’re Here to Help

Do you have questions about registering for the High School Senior Welding Competition? We’re here to help. Our Financial Aid Advisors can get you signed up for the competition, as well as help you apply for other scholarships. Call us today.