Professional Welder With Pipefitting

Train to become a pipefitter, plumber, steamfitter and boilermaker in as little as 10 months!

Take the next step toward an exciting pipefitting career.

The TWS team is here to help you through every step of the process.

This pipefitter training program provides comprehensive pipefitter, steamfitter, boilermaker, and plumber training that covers blueprint reading, mathematics, safety, piping codes/specifications, and plumbing related skills. You’ll learn how to work with various types of pipes, pipe systems installation, plumbing related fixtures and more. Upon graduation, you’ll be trained and equipped with practical hands-on skills and techniques essential to start working in entry-level careers locally and nationally.

What is Pipefitting?

Pipe fitting is the act of laying out, assembling and installing piping systems involved in the transfer of various fluids, solids and/or gases. Pipefitters work on layout, assembly and installation of piping systems and related equipment by applying system knowledge and/or following blueprints.

So many different things move through pipes – water, gas, air, and oil – and people trained in pipe fitting are needed to keep those things moving swiftly and safely. The goal of the Pipe fitting training program at TWS is to connect you to a versatile, sustainable career field.

The Professional Welder with Pipefitting Training Program at TWS:

  • Can be completed in 10 months
  • Prepares graduates for careers in new construction, repair, modernization or maintenance work
  • Offers flexible class schedules
  • Is available at both Tulsa, Oklahoma and Jacksonville, Florida campuses

Courses Feature Instruction In:

  • Blueprint reading
  • Mathematics
  • Safety
  • Plumbing codes & standards
  • Pipe systems installation
  • Plumbing fixtures

Pipefitting Career Options:

  • Pipefitter
  • Pipelayer
  • Plumber
  • Boilermaker
  • Steamfitter

This program is available at the following campus locations:

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Our TWS Tulsa, Oklahoma campus, conveniently located near the 412, 244 and 64 expressways, features a welding lab on the main campus with 170 booths, each equipped with a multi-process welding machine.

Take a Virtual Tour of the Tulsa Campus

Jacksonville, Florida

Our TWS Jacksonville, Florida campus, conveniently located near Beach Blvd (Highway 90), features over 190 booths, each equipped with a multi-process welding machine.

Take a Virtual Tour of the Jacksonville Campus

See detailed course descriptions for the Professional Welder with Pipefitting training program at TWS.

For information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed this program, and other important program information, please see our Gainful Employment Disclosure.


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