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How Much Do Welders Make in Florida?

welder in workshop

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Welders, cutters, solderers and brazers in Florida make a yearly mean salary of $39,660, according to the latest employment and wage estimates by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Welder salaries can vary quite a bit, depending on location or specialization. Find answers to some of the top questions about welder salary in Florida in this article.

Competitive Welder Salary Outlook in Florida

Like many other parts of the country, Florida is suffering from a severe labor shortage in the skilled trades, resulting in a competitive welder salary outlook for the state.

In a survey released by the Associated General Contractors of America, almost 80 percent of Florida construction firms reported that they expect ongoing difficulty hiring qualified workers for various construction projects. The majority of contractors in Florida also said that they had been increasing pay and incentives to attract workers.

Not finding enough workers could hinder companies’ ability to execute projects. In the Tampa Bay area, for instance, the lack of trained welders is preventing the region from strengthening infrastructure and manufacturing.

Qualified candidates who have completed welding trainingcan make six figures a year,” Brian Thompson, owner of Metal Supermarkets in Tampa, told ABC Action News.

Florida Welder Salary FAQ

Q. How Much Do Welders Make an Hour in Florida?

A. The hourly mean wage for welders, cutters, solderers and brazers in Florida is $18.68. This is higher than the mean hourly wage of $17.00 for all production occupations.[1] The BLS counts welders as part of the production occupations category.[2]

Q. How Much Do Welders Make a Year in Florida?

A. The mean salary for Florida welders, cutters, solderers and brazers is $39,660 per year, compared to $35,360 for all production occupations.1 A welder’s yearly salary in Florida is a little lower than the median annual wage for this profession nationwide, which is $41,380.[3]

Q. How Much Do Pipe Welders Make in Florida?

A. On average, pipe welders make $24.01 per hour in Florida.[4]

Pipe welders assemble, install and maintain pipes for many different types of processing systems. They also inspect and repair equipment, organize and plan work tasks and operate vehicles, machinery and other equipment.

Other responsibilities may include documenting work performed and training less experienced colleagues.

Typically, employers prefer candidates who have completed pipe fitting training.

Q. How Much Do Underwater Welders Make in Florida?

A. The BLS considers underwater welders to be part of the job category “commercial divers,” who earn an annual mean salary of $55,270.[5]

Underwater welders work on underwater structures. They are generally employed by oil service companies that supply diving services for offshore oil fields.[6] Their job duties encompass underwater cutting, underwater photography, drafting inspection and non-destructive testing, as well as fitting and rigging.[7]

Becoming an underwater welder requires completing a highly specialized underwater welding training program at a commercial diving school. Or you can become independently certified as both a commercial diver and a skilled welder.

Q. How Much Do Structural Welders Make in Florida?

A. Structural welders make an average wage of $20.05 per hour in Florida.[8] Structural welders design, lay out and fabricate the metal framework of commercial and industrial buildings. Their responsibilities also include the cutting, repairing and assembling of girders, beams, columns and other building elements.

Those who wish to become a structural welder usually complete welding training, undertake a welding competency test and accumulate two to six years of relevant welding experience.

Welders with certifications in different welding techniques like gas metal arc or submerged arc welding may have particularly good job chances.[9]

Q. Where Do Welders Make The Most Money in Florida?

A. Below are the metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas in Florida where welders earn more than the state’s median annual wage for this occupation of $39,660.

Florida Area Welder Salary
North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton $43,290 per year.[10]
The Villages $42,390 per year.[11]
Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater $42,290 per year.[12]
Jacksonville $41,440 per year.[13]
Lakeland-Winter Haven $40,740 per year.[14]
Port St. Lucie $40,330 per year.[15]

Welder Training in Florida

Given the Sunshine State’s dire need for qualified welders, students attending a welding school in Florida may find healthy earning potential upon graduating.

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