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podcast microphone welding

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There are professional welding organizations, welding conferences, and construction conferences. All promote networking and professional development in respective skilled trades industries.

In addition to joining an association, attending conferences, or even subscribing to a trade publication, there are podcasts where you can listen. Skilled trades podcasts offer a unique way to stay current in your industry which occur more frequently than others. Here are three of the best we’ve found.

Welder Podcasts

Welding Tips and Tricks

Welding podcasts are a great way to listen to experienced welders discussing important industry topics. Each week, host Jody Collier talks shop with established welders on his Welding Tips and Tricks podcast. Subjects covered include FABTECH 2016, learning from your first welding jobs, starting your own welding business, the best first welding jobs, and choosing a staffing agency versus trying to get hired by a company directly. 1

Electrician Podcasts

Stuff Electricians Should Know

Innovation is a natural part of any industry. Stuff Electricians Should Know is a podcast focused on helping electricians keep up with changes in electrical codes, new equipment, and trends. Whether you’re just starting out in the field, or are an established contractor, you could find answers to your electrical questions and helpful tips in this short show. Episodes have answered the questions, “What is voltage?” “What are PLCS?” and “What is plenum rated cable?” There are other topics discussed. 2

Skilled Trades Podcasts

Work Strong America

Want to hear more about the state of skilled trades in the U.S.? Interested in learning how tradesmen and women are starting and building successful businesses? Work Strong America is about closing the skills trades gap in this country. Tradesman Rick Seigmund started the podcast to encourage more people to consider careers like welding and carpentry. He interviews everyone from young entrepreneurs to industry veterans.

Staying Current with the Industry

If yearly conferences are too far or expensive for you to attend and other ways of keeping current don’t fit your schedule, skilled trades podcasts offer a more convenient way to stay current with industry innovations and trends.

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