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Job Prospects in Texas

texas welding training

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Most Texans will tell you that they live in the best state in the country. While that statement is an opinion, there are some facts that make Texas an excellent place to start a career. In fact, MoneyRates.com ranked Texas the best place to make a living in 2015.[1] This is especially true for tradesmen, as there is ample employment and room for career growth for those in Texas with welding training or electrician training.

Benefits of Living in Texas

There are numerous benefits to living in Texas. Forbes states that Texas cities are among the best for job growth and the state’s unemployment rate is lower than in other areas of the country. While the wages may be lower than in some states, the cost of living is also far less, and there are no personal or corporate income taxes. Those moving to Texas will find they get a lot more bang for their buck in the housing market.

Welding and Electrician Careers

Texas is one of the best locations for tradesmen. For those who’ve completed courses of study in electrician school or welding school, jobs are plentiful. In fact, many workers already have jobs secured before finishing their training in welding school. Those who are willing to travel or work overtime may get paid more depending on the job. The Texas Workforce Commission indicates that an entry-level welder might make a little over $28,000 annually based on 2013 data, while an experienced welder averages about $45,500. Those with advanced welding training, however, can make more than six figures a year.

In Texas, the need for skilled tradesmen is on the rise. Construction industry jobs are booming, significantly increasing the demand for knowledgeable electricians, plumbers, and welders. Since the demand is so high for tradesmen, there are plenty of overtime hours for skilled welders in the field, allowing them to earn additional pay as well as benefits. Texas is also a right to work state, meaning that you can’t be forced to join a union or pay union dues in order to earn a living in a skilled trade.

Projected Job Growth in Texas

In Texas, some of the high demand for welders stems from the energy industry. It’s projected that some of that job growth will dry up and decline as oil prices drop. The petroleum industry, however, has been one of boom and bust historically and will likely pick up again. There are still plenty of welding and electrician jobs available in construction and other industries. In fact, Texas Public Radio reported last spring that Texas was well above the national average in construction growth.

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Job prospects are good in Texas especially in the skilled trades. If you’re interested any of them, you can train for career in welding at the Houston campus of Tulsa Welding School and start earning in as little as nine months. The school also offers refrigeration repair training and plumbing training across three different campuses.

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