TWS Proud

I’m most proud of Myself and My decision to attend TWS.
I’m a 45 yr old Husband to One Beautiful and extremely patient Woman and Fathe to 7 absolutely wonderful Children.

I was forced out of My Plant job due to MyPhysical Condition/Surgeries. I have been on Disability for almost 6 years now and Its not the Life that I want or Want for My Family.

This is a Life Altering decision that I have made, not just for me but all involved. If I want thing to get better I have got to make a change. Tulsa Welding School seemed like a no-brainer decision.

My Preacher said once; When Life comes to a Dead End at both Forks in the Road, You have got to Pivot!

This is My Pivot and this is just the beginning of a New Chapter in My Story.

Ready to Move Forward?

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