TWS Proud

I completed my 7months Journey 3wks early. I had great instructors who were thorough in teaching me/ the class what we needed to know to succeed. During my last phase (aluminum) my instructor took the time to go one on one with me because I was having trouble but, once I got it there was no turning back. I succeeded in all of the welding positions as well as welding with both hands. I would even practice welding with my eyes closed to focus and rely on balance, timing, and sound. That came real handy out in the field. As I was finalizing my paperwork at the end of my Journey with TWS I was hired over the phone by a company based out of Lawrence Massachusetts which led me to be hired by an even bigger company based out of Newark New Jersey. I was hired by both companies because of my welding skills and my performance. I’m completely and totally grateful for Tulsa welding school providing me the education I needed to succeed in the world of WELDING! God Bless!