Tulsa Welding School Review

Tulsa Welding School saved my life….And im not just saying that just to be nice…Where i come from many dont have a sense of direction after high school its either drugs,prison,or death….I decided to go to Tulsa in the beginning of 2015 5 years after i graduated high school and my only regret is that i didnt go sooner…At Tulsa i was taught by many great teachers but my personal favorites were Dave and Matt at the time..Dave for his unique Tig welding skills and Matt just for being a jaguars fan lol….In all seriousness Tulsa Welding School is a wonderful program where you can learn from the best,Get the best practice,and Earn as much money in the real welding industries as you want…All you have to do is have ambition and the desire to be the best…During phases you will be tested at times because everything wont be easy to some but the same thing applies to life itself…You have to find that inner desire and say to yourself”im not just doing this just for the money but because i truly love doing what i do”…Many have came thru Tulsa and succeeded and many gave up…Which one will you be?…Are you a top of the class welder or are you a drop out after phase 3-4?..Little secret about me…I was NEVER a top welder in any of my phases HOWEVER in the end i made it thru out of 30 in a class from phase 1 only 8-10 of us made it to the end from the original group and i was one of them….Thats what you call success…Thats what you call not giving up and being hungry for more…So keep grinding physically and mentally and dont be afraid to ask for help from teachers or your classmates and just watch how much welding skills you have under your belt from Stick,Tig,Flux etc to use….Never listen to the haters who want you to fail or say “Its to much money to attend”….They only saying that because they want you to be mentally defeated like they are…Just be you,Do you,and do your best….God bless