Tulsa Welding School Review

Learned so very much going to school, the old school Welders I work with appreciate the book knowledge I acquired and am able to apply to the job at hand, if I was able to leave the school with AWS Certification Cards I would have given 5 stars, that is the only problem with finding top end jobs is employers want certs not just a school program certificate. Not to say I didn’t get a job making close to 20$ an hour right after finishing school, and have been able to advance myself with knowledge no school can teach, that being the wisdom of those Welders whom I work directly with having skills to use different tools of the trade in ways they were never intended! Undoubtedly I can attribute my ease of finding work, my multitude of welding skills I provide to my employers, and the book knowledge to get the job done without the need for assistance all to Tulsas welding program!