Tulsa welding school graduate and successful welder

I attended tulsa welding school from November 2012 – June 2013, I graduated with very good grades and even better knowledge. I started welding from the very bottom, knew know one in the industry and had no
Idea how to weld. I learned very quick that learning to weld was all about the time and effort you
Put into it. I graduated towards the top of my class and left with a great understanding of the trade. After school I decided todo fabrication instead of pipe welding, I fabbed portable bars and tables for about a year then decided to do pipe welding. I got on as a welder with a company that does turnaround services in refineries and power plants. On the road we can make anywhere from $35-$42 and hour. With that money Iv been able to pay off bills and I am buying a 2015 Chevy within the next week. I think the best tool tulsa welding school had was their instructors, they answered all my questions and directed me in the direction of the company I am currently working for.