The TWS JAX Experience

In my endeavors of welding through schools, occupations, and military service, Tulsa Welding School has benefited me by way of having hands on instruction from peers/instructors as far as the best method, technique, and personal attitude needed in today’s industrial working environment. Each and every instructor I had gave me a personalized, situation oriented breakdown of different circumstances I may/will or have encountered in the welding world. I truly believe I am a better man and professional because of their dedication to each and every student including myself. When I began this in depth tour of instruction I had no idea I would learn as much or have such a strategy based career ahead of me. After the sweat and the hard work at the end of the day evaporated, I found myself ahead of the curve, working along side two other Tulsa grads in an extremely important job site here in Europe. A job site that affects the entire world in one way or another. This school has provided me with the additional skills needed to further myself in my welding career, all that’s required is a good attitude, positive outlook, and exceptional work ethic. All of the credit goes to each and every instructor I had, as well as every single office administrator that helped me get there, stay there, and provide me with the skills needed to become the successful welder I am. Thank you all!!!

Matt Burns

Some sweat and hardwork required