Overall amazing establishment

I was able to complete the Tulsa welding school welding specialist program because I had so much great support from everyone in the staff. I wish the program was longer because everyone from the president to the mantanance where amazing to people to learn from. Everyone in that building give their all to help people pick up a trade that takes years to perfect, they push you when you feel like giving up. My life has changed 100% because I chose this program and I would do it all over again I couldn’t thank Tulsa welding school enough for giving me the tools I needed to become a great welder with so much knowledge in 7 months, I found a job within the first month of graduating it might have been on my own but career services never stopped checking in with me to make sure I’m looking and applying and taking weld test I still to this day get notifications of job openings. I have joined a new family with Tulsa welding school and I am very proud to be a graduate from Tulsa welding school!