Hard work pays off

First of all I just want to say thank you TWS . The programs are great if you want to learn how to weld then there is noting stoping you at TWS. I would go to morning class then stay afterwords and weld, it’s like a 24/7 hands on welding . I got a job when I graduated at Huntington Ingles Ship yeard it’s not best paying job but it’s good experience it’s a tough job but if you can weld here you can weld anywhere , am 21 and making 22 an hour so that’s a start . So to me you guys help those that want to succeed , so having company’s come bye and hair it’s great . But you should tell students that just start welding when company’s come bye they should test for them because I think the most important thing is landing a job right after you graduate but alot want the big bucks from the get go and it can be done but chances are slim . But just work hard because hard work pays off.