Great school, Great experience would do it again in a heartbeat

I came in knowing nothing whatsoever about welding and after the very first day in the lab I knew it was all worth the sacrifice. Of course nothing comes easy success always comes after hard work. Before I attended I saw some negative reviews only to realize that the majority of those people are dropouts that just expect things to be handed to them. All you have to do is show up, listen, learn and keep at it until you get it right. Some instructors seemed cocky at first but I realized later that they’re not trying to down talk you or screw you over on your grade, they’re just telling you in all honesty what your beads are rated. Now I actually appreciate the tougher instructors because it just made me a better welder.
Career services is awesome but they can only do so much. Students expect to just sit on their ass and land a job but it doesn’t work that way. Tws will go e you some leads but its up to you to persue them. Only few things I didn’t like is a few instructors just there sitting around not trying to help students and just collecting their paychecks but its only a few, there’s way more good than bad. Another thing is I would’ve liked some kind of course that guides you on what to charge on small jobs just to give you an idea on how to set your rates. All in all I highly recommend this school to anyone