Awesome Program

This school was everything my last welding school wasn’t. i started welding my 11th grade year, 2 years ago@ a techinical school in Americus GA. i already knew the basics. To run a stringer bead, 50% overlap, & a how to fail a plate test. Although, i did pass 1 bend in GA, i failed like 4. In phz. 10 i passed all my bends cleans first try, thank God. i finished the PPW program like a month ago, & had the beautiful ceremony a weekend ago. i already had a job in phz. 8 in GA. I’m currently still in Jax, FL attending TWS for my Pipe fitting profession. I’m in love with this school man, so glad i can say I’m a Alumni from the best welding school IN THE WORLD! Thank you So much TWS staff.