Awesome Experience

I was able to complete the program in 9 months after re-phasing phases 2 & 4. I was in the afternoon shift so it was really neat to be able to learn from and have the perspective of two different instructors both in the lab and in the classroom. All seemed more than knowledgable in the welding process they were teaching at the time and I never had an instructor that wasn’t more than willing to teach one on one or work with me through break time. The career services department has also done a great job at always keeping me updated with the latest job opportunities, their awesome! I don’t give five stars for the same reason the instructors don’t give out perfect grades. There’s always room for improvement. That being said it was a much better experience than I anticipated and I still miss being there with all the staff and instructors and would highly and gladly recommend it to anyone looking at becoming a certified welder.