A road to success.

My name is William Guerrero-Pena and I attended TWS because I wanted a career with a immediate impact. I saw alot of friends, coworkers that have degrees , owe alot of student loans and doing the same i am doing. I didn’t want to go back to school and end up having a degree that is useless to me and don’t impact me financially in a positive way. Also, I am 39 years old, and i need something i can study which is short, sweet and i can make alot of money. i have graduated as a Pipefitter and my options are great. TWS is a great place to learn a trade and believe me, it was over in no time. I have learned alot, especially if I wasn’t a hands on person. My teacher was awesome!!
I would recommend TWS to anyone. If you aren’t a handyman, don’t worry. Shop time will definitely mold you into someone that is comfortable in what you are doing.

Thank you TWS for giving me the opportunity to make a impact on my life. Now it’s up to me.
And guess what, the sky is the limit!

William Guerrero-Pena