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Exciting Advances in HVAC Technology

HVAC technology has been changing at a rapid pace and has the potential to greatly affect how companies and homeowners heat and cool their buildings and homes. Following are some of the most significant recent advances and developments that an aspiring HVAC technician will want to have on their radar. Advanced Controls for Commercial Units […]

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First Bullet Train in U.S. to Boost Jobs for Welders, Fabricators and Pipefitters

On January 6, 2015, California Governor Jerry Brown broke ground on the nation’s first high-speed bullet train project. Designed to reduce the expense and time required to cross the large state, the train will carry passengers through the Central Valley at 200 miles per hour. Once the project is complete, the trip from Los Angeles […]

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HVAC Trends in Commercial Building

Building technology has moved in two major trends in recent years. First, with increasing energy costsand a better understanding of the impact of energy consumption on the environment, many resourceshave been diverted to building green. These designs are built with respect to keeping the loads on HVACsystems minimal and reducing the overall consumption of energy. […]

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