What You Need To Know About Welding Electrodes

welding with electrode

If you are interested in a welding career, you might have already looked into the welding tools and equipment that are used. One of the most essential welding tools is the welding gun or welding machine which produces an electric current that melts and binds metal. Welding electrodes are essential, and it is important that […]

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Shielded Metal Arc Welding

shielded metal arc welding

Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) is one of the most commonly used welding process. SMAW dates back to the 1890s and today is taught to students in welding classes and widely used in numerous industries. 1 Why has this process remained so popular over the years? What Is Shielded Metal Arc Welding? SMAW is also […]

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Is Becoming an Electrician a Good Career Choice?

electrician job skills

Electricians are needed everywhere, and the job outlook for them are expected to better than average in the coming years, but that’s not the only reason becoming an electrician could be a good career choice. What Electricians Do Could you imagine living in the dark and not being able to have any modern conveniences our […]

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Welder Qualification vs. Certification

welder certification

Welders are often asked to demonstrate their skills during job interviews. The test welders take is called a welder performance qualification. The written record of the welder’s demonstrated ability serve as his or her welding certification. Read on to learn more about the differences between welder qualification and certification. 1 Difference between Qualification and Certification […]

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Journeyman Vs. Master Electrician

training to be an electrician

Becoming an Electrician can be a promising career. There are many opportunities in this field especially in the construction industry. 1 The median annual wage for electricians is higher than that for other construction workers. 2 Better pay and opportunities are a couple of the many benefits of becoming an electrician. After completing electrical training, […]

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Industry Trade Publications for Electricians

electrician industry trade publications Trade publications are ideal for keeping up to date with trends, developments, and news in the electrical industry. If you are enrolled in an electrician training program, the following magazines can be a helpful resource for you: Electrical Construction & Maintenance Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) magazine is a monthly publication covering the electrical, construction, […] Read More

Welding vs. Soldering vs. Brazing–What’s the difference?

welder using torch

Welding, soldering, and brazing are all techniques to join two or more pieces of metal and in some cases, other materials. They are also techniques for filling gaps in metal parts. So, how do you determine which technique to use? That decision depends on material, desired strength, and application. Welding The purpose of welding is […]

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Graduate Connections – Meet Mark Taylor

Mark, 38, from Charleston, SC, now lives in Brandon, SD. Mark graduated from the seven month Welding Specialist program at Tulsa Welding School & Technology Center in Houston, TX, in February 2017. Mark had zero prior welding experience before he enrolled in the program in the summer of 2016. Thanks for sharing your story, Mark. […]

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What Is TIG Welding?

gas tungsten arc welding

There are at least sixty-seven processes welders use to join metals. The type of pressure, heat, and equipment used is what makes one process different from another. TIG welding is one of the most popular welding processes. It produces high-quality welds but also requires a high level of skill. 1 Read more about TIG welding. […]

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Construction Industry Trends and Skilled Labor

construction workers on job site

The construction industry plays an important role in our country. Carpenters, electricians, welders, and other skilled workers construct and maintain roads, homes, and buildings. 1 In the coming year, the number of construction projects is expected to rise. 2 Skilled workers will be needed. Industry Growth Dodge Data & Analytics forecasts that the construction industry […]

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