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Industrial Welding Opportunities in Tulsa

Those with a penchant for precision should consider a career in industrial welding. This career is growing fast in parts of the country in response to an increasing need for qualified welders, particularly in the
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How to Search for a Job in the Skilled Trades

With the prevalence of Internet job classifieds, searching for a job is a vastly different process now than it was a couple decades ago. However, this change hasn’t affected industries equally across the board. Some
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Technical Career Options in Jacksonville

There are many technical career options for those residing in or near Jacksonville, Florida. Some of the more popular options include that of shipfitters, HVAC technicians, and welders. To enter into any of these occupations
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Industrial Career Training in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is a major center of industrial and commercial activity, attracting major manufacturing employers like Georgia Pacific Corporation and Ring Power Corporation. Major industries in and around the city include automotive, aviation, machinery manufacturing, and
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Essential Steamfitting Skills

Steamfitters are some of the most in-demand workers in the building trades today. However, to become a seasoned steamfitter and learn the necessary skills for the job, it takes years of classroom and on-the-job training.
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Skills for Modern-Day Shipfitters

The seas haven’t changed, just the materials and strategies used for producing ships. Today’s supertankers, giant cruise ships, warships and one-man kayaks all rely on the skill and craft of trained shipbuilders and shipfitters. Thousands
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Most Commonly Used HVAC Tools

For those people who choose a career in the HVAC industry, they must remember that the job would require the utilization of various tools. For beginners who are just starting out in an HVAC training
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The Future of Shipbuilding

Shipbuilding is traditionally a strong career field to enter. The U.S. Navy has devoted itself to having a fleet of 12 carriers, ensuring work long into the future for shipbuilders. A major source of the
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Advantages of Trade School Education

Students facing decisions about post-secondary education have many alternatives today. One of the growing areas of interest is in trade schools and programs. While trade programs aren’t new, there has been a renewed focus on
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Safe Practices for Welders

Although most welders have taken formal welding classes to get their certifications, bad welding habits may form over time. It is easy to justify taking a safety shortcut for an easy job. Safety directors or
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MIG and TIG Welding Gloves: Tools of the Trade

Safety is always a primary concern while welding. Gloves are an essential component for protecting your hands from hot equipment, sparks, rough or sharp surfaces, and other hazards that are present in welding work. However,
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